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Newly released romance novel "Off Limits" now available

Amanda Harrington had no idea she'd have the same physical training and defensive tactics instructor again her second time around.  It was difficult enough being one of the few female students at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia.  Now she had to try and put the mistakes she'd made the first time around behind her and simply focus on what she needed to do to graduate.  This time there would be no boys.  No distractions.  As for the unexpected complication of having Jake Marshall as her instructor again, she had nothing to worry about because student/instructor relationships are definitely off limits.

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What readers are saying about “Off Limits”
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“This is a nicely woven romance and an all-around good story. The characters of Amanda, Jake and her academy friends are well rounded and likable and the story is packed with action, and a good steamy romance never hurt anyone. I give this story five special agent badges and recommend this to those who are suckers for a happy ending.”

"I really enjoyed "Off Limits" can't wait for the next book. I hope you have great success and just keep on writing ;)"

"loved it...want to read the next book"

"I will be waiting for the next one"

"It's a great book and I'm waiting impatiently for the next :)"

"just purchased and read you book today...i enjoyed it very much looking forward to your next one"

"I enjoyed off-limits. when does the next book come out"

"love jake and mandy"

"GREAT book!!!!!"

"I really liked Off Limits, looking forward to No Limitations!"

"Loved it..amazing work. Keep it up..!"