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Sabrina Devlin is a former special agent with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, who has worked a spectrum of cases from terrorism to espionage to drug trafficking.  She was born and raised in Southern California, but now lives with her family on the East Coast.  She's gone from sun all the time to tons of snow in the winter and she loves it!  She's also been married to her husband, an Army Special Forces soldier, for over a decade.

Things have changed now from an undercover life to a hockey/soccer mom life!  With a young family, 3 dogs (one of which is a guide dog in training)--new adventures to write about have just begun!

One of Sabrina's passions is traveling.  She and her husband have traveled extensively for both business and pleasure.  Combining their travels, they've been all the way around the world!  Her young son also has the travel bug already and is always asking when they'll be getting on a plane next!  She looks forward to sharing some of their exciting life experiences in her books.

Sabrina also loves all kinds of different animals--most especially dogs!  From a young age she would bring home every stray she came across, much to her parents dismay.  She still wants to bring home every stray that needs a home!  Her new way of channeling her love for dogs is as a volunteer puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.  

An avid reader since childhood, Sabrina loves nothing more than a good book—as long as there is a happy ending!  If she had the time, she'd read at least one romance novel a day.  Her hope is that she can provide her readers with that feeling you get when you're reading a book you really enjoy.  She'd love it if some of her books became your favorites and were awarded the ultimate praise of  “This one's a keeper!”

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